Silver fiber antimicrobial conductive filament

Silver fiber antimicrobial conductive filament

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90% polyamide 10% silver


less than 10 ohms


electrically conductive, anti-static, antibacterial and deodorant

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Silver fiber antibacterial conductive filament is based on polyamide fiber, which is combined with sterling silver through intermolecular force on its surface to form a firm sterling silver conductive layer on the outer layer, and the inner layer still maintains the excellent textile properties of polyamide fiber.

- Excellent textile properties

-Excellent electrical conductivity

- Excellent antibacterial and deodorant properties

-Washable, the silver layer does not fall off

Silver fiber antimicrobial conductive filament can be used alone to produce conductive, electromagnetic shielding and other products. It can also be interwoven with other fibers such as cotton, polyester fiber, polyamide fiber, viscose fiber, etc., to produce various products such as conductive, antistatic, electromagnetic shielding, antibacterial and deodorant.

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